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Nana- Huh?

Randomly decided to stroll on in here.

I wish I put the effort into writing here "more", I  say more as if I write here. I wish I was better at journaling in general. I finally got rid of two journals that have been sitting in my nightstand for years but were pretty much empty. I decided I didn't like writing in them because they "weren't me", they were gifts I felt obligated to write in them. In November of last year I fell in love with a Disney Villains journal and watched it constantly until it finally went on sale at a reasonable price (4.99!) in February of this year. I told myself I would write in it at night before going to bed, well it has been sitting on my nightstand since I bought it and the only thing that has happened to it is that I put a box of kleenex on top of it because I was/am/got sick.


Cleaning house
I'm trying to clean up my friends list between people that are still here and those that aren't. If I removed you from my lists and you still wanted to be friends. Leave a comment :) Otherwise, I think I'll be posting "friends only" from here on out. Thanks world :)

Random I know..
Jem-Good times

"You are a Fire Bender.  Fire is the element of power, consisting of overpowering force tempered by the unflinching will to accomplish tasks and desires.  Chances are, you are the type of person that will not let anyone stand in their way.  If you see something you want, you go after it, and usually get it."

Eddie sent me this test and got me in the Avatar mood.. want to see Legend of Korra so bad!!! Also, I tried to answer these things how I really felt and not how I wanted to answer to get Earthbender... which I would love to bend.

Speaking of tests, on Pottermore.com when I signed up, I answered honestly and I got Slytherin... woah. I mean I know they're silly online tests, but the one on pottermore was actually really intense and more than just "how does this describe you" it had many questions regarding logic or visual/spacial.. I'd always thought I was more Ravenclaw.. but anywho.. still posting on achileanabroad so see me there!

This is me just wasting time hahahah

Jem- whack
Sooo much to update here and on achileanabroad  and no energy to do it.


Someone motivate me. I need motivation for life.

Writer's Block: Your own toy story
checkert girl
Did you have a favorite stuffed animal, action figure, or doll growing up? If so, what was it and what happened to it?

As many of my friend's know I am very "object-sentimental" and have many many loved animals. 2 in particular stand out, one is a white teddy bear with a light up heart that lit up and played a song. He had a red scarf and a santa hat. Since I grew up in a Spanish Speaking home his name was always "osito queñon" I don't even know if that how its spelled or if that is even a real name but the best translation I can think of would be "little grumbling/singing bear". He is still at home and does't sing so much anymore even with new batteries.

Another stuffed animal, which to this day kind of freaks me out but I cannot part with is a "giant" pink dog with red floppy ears and blue droopy eyes. He looks like a pink verison of Droopy from Looney Toons. He was a gift from my "aunt" around the time my brother was born, no one remembers the reason but he has been in my room since as long as I can remember. He is stuffed with packing peanuts of sorts (giving him the ability to stand up but not so great to cuddle with--like cheap carnival toys (and that is probably what he is), regardless through the year Pinky has lost his firmness and started getting droopy. My dad has performed surgery on him twice carefully unstitching his bottom, adding more peanuts and sewing him up. Nowdays Pinky sits by my bed on my clothes hamper wearing a necklace comprised of pink ribbon and a plastic key whose destination lock device has long disappeared and a souvenir Chilean shirt that has not fit me since a dryer mishap shrunk it to near toddler size.

Then again, becuase I am me, I could give a description of (almost) every toy I'd had and how I got it becuase I am very attached to the memories these toys offer.

Deviant Art
checkert girl
I'd forgotten how addicting DA was.
I had a free morning today since the kids were gone, and I've spent all day editing and uploading pictures. Some are on www.itsjustanji.com and some on Deviant Art.
I've already gotten a comment and 2 faves! YAY!

For me: A reminder that what I am doing is not wrong
checkert girl
Dear future self,
Please remember to read this again whenever you are in doubt.
past self

In Praise of Kate Middleton:Collapse )


Small break from achileanabroad
Girl stuff >.<Collapse )

But, in other news hahaha.. I feel kind of bad, but I got an email from my dad saying that on second day of driving my KIA all of the coolant leaked out, and it happened again after he took it to the shop. The mechanic said it was a hose problem..yet another problem.. so my dad decided to sell the car! Seee.. I wasn't just being a brat... oh oh oh I need to tell him to save my stickers!!! (My UCI anteater, my chilean flag and my equality sign) I am worried about selling the car though, becuase next year when I get back I will be carless.. oh well we'll cross that bridge when we get there maybe I can anty up and get a mazda 6.....

checkert girl
Semi Hiatus, read achileanabroad  for updates on my move to Germany. I will probably post the occasional personal post here.

For now, life is good :)

I would be honored...
checkert girl

If you could add this site to your bookmarks, as I hope to get it up and running as soon as possible. Your support would be lovely and very much appreciated.


Thank you



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